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STOCC Information and Con Rules


Just like with all conventions the safety and well being of our participants is top priority!

Please take a moment whether you are a panelist, vendor, masquerade participant, or just a regular con goer, to read and understand our expectations and the information found on this page!

-Thank you 

CKC, Mouzycat, and Yomuchan

Convention/Social Media Guidelines and Information

  • The STOCC Facebook event page is already up and running and already for you to post your comments, questions, etc. Please remember to be kind! The event is being monitored routinely for these things and will throughout the convention.

  • Remember to be respectful! We will remove any comments, posts, or participants who is not behaving appropriately. Please if you see this behavior report it immediately!

  • Remember the rules apply to YouTube and Twitch, please respect the rules on these platforms as well. Content creators should monitor for issues that need to be addressed during the panel.

  • Keep it PG! While there is 18+ panels and content please remember to remain PG in areas with a mixed audience and to refrain from cussing in non-18+ panel chats/comments. 

  • Speaking of 18+! Please no one under 18 in the 18+ panels. Parents please be aware of what your child is watching and know that we can not monitor this. Also 18+ panels will be marked as such to prevent confusion. 

  • If you are not entering the Cosplay Masquerade please feel free to share your photos on our Facebook event page! Please be respectful and only make 1 post per cosplay. Please remember that without an official application you are not eligible for prizes.

  • Share and Promote each other! We ask that you share the love for our event and the con staff! Also feel free to promote yourself and share your personal cosplay pages and like others!

  • Spread the word! Remember if you are participating to  hashtag #stocc2020 in your social media posts!

  • Shop and Donate at your own risk! Please know that while vendors and charities where chosen carefully, STOCC and its staff are NOT responsible for merchandise, refunds, or anything else from them. Please contact the vendor or charity directly if you have questions or concerns. 

For any questions or other inquiries please email us at

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