My name is Mandy, my cosplay handle is Luna. I've been cosplaying for almost 16 years now and have attended numerous conventions. I feel that cosplay is about finding a connection with a character and then getting in their head. I couldn't cosplay a character I don't have a connection with or someone I haven't seen.

I try to focus more on the play aspect and tend to loose myself in my characters. I see a little bit (or sometimes a lot) of them in myself and that's how I pick who to cosplay. Then my work honors them. Then it doesn't feel like work. Never has cosplay for me been about competition.

I feel like its the heart and soul of a convention.

​I am an avid anime fan, Harry Potter fan, My Little Pony fan and Disney fan. I am Anime St. Louis Guest Relations Staff. I also am an admin for Haruhiism on Facebook and do several charity events in cosplay.
When I'm not cosplaying, I work full time as a mortgage loan processor. I have two cats and a dog.


Disney Princess, Animal Lover, and Avid Anime Fan


(314) 496-5837



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