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Valentine's Day 2021

Photography by
Melancholy Maiden Photography

Funny Valentine, YomuChan, celebrates Cupid's favorite holiday with some candy along with pink and red filled fun. A silly and a bit sexy little shoot to celebrate the season of love. Cosplayer: Valentine (YomuChan).

Cool Text - Horror Icons 374951042513644

Kotobukiya Bishoujo Horror/Halloween 2020

Photography by
Melancholy Maiden Photography

Horror films are a stable for most of the CKC girls... with the exception of Luna lol. We decided to have some Halloween fun during the Fall of 2020 and get together a group of some of our favorite horror icons. These cosplays are loosely based on the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Horror figures! Cosplayers: Chucky (YomuChan), Tiffany (RenChan), and Michael Myers (Luna).


Witch Rapunzel/Halloween 2020

Photography by
Melancholy Maiden Photography

Tangled is the story of a girl named Rapunzel. She is beautiful, talented, and most of all lonely having only known the tower in which she lives  her whole life.. that is until she meets a scruffy outlaw named Flynn Rider, who frees her from the tower to see what is there in the world beyond it. With this sweet but spooky take on Rapunzel, Luna images her as a witch! These adorable shots were taking at the pumpkin patch of Heritage Farm and Fruit Trees during the Fall of 2020. Cosplayer: Rapunzel (Luna).

hearths warming.png

Christmas 2017

Photography by
Pense Productions

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is a show based on the characters from the original MLP series from the 80s/90s and follows Twilight Sparkle and her 5 best friends as they learn life lessons, battle to save Equestria, and go on amazing journeys all in the name of friendship. These amazing photos were taken during the ToyMan Toy Show in December 2017.  Cosplayers: Twilight Sparkle (Luna), AppleJack (RenChan), Pinkie Pie, Santa (Pense), Mrs. Claus (Kim Perry), and Keenan Sargent.


Tenchi Christmas/Christmas 2020

Photography by
Melancholy Maiden Photography

Tenchi Universe is the second anime series following Tenchi Masaki, a hapless school boy who suddenly finds himself in surrounded by a group of women from outer space. This collaboration with some of our amazing friends during some social distance cosplay helped us all feel closer together during the 2020 Holiday season. Cosplayers: Tenchi (RN Ninja), Ryoko (RenChan), Ayeka (YomuChan), Mihoshi (Mari.aftermidnight), Kiyone (Luna), Washu (Steampunk Agent Owl), and Sasami (Pretty Sammy).

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