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Pre-Made/Commissioned Cosplayer Tips

Buying Items Pre-Made

Thankfully as Cosplay becomes more popular, there are more chances that things you will need for your cosplay are readily available. ​Here are some of the things we are able to find easily!


When it comes to wigs for cosplay, you have a lot of options!
Good wigs will run about $30-$80 when purchased from wig specialty websites such as Arda Wigs. If you are interested in a more cost effective wig for a budget, websites like Amazon and eBay have plenty of options that may meet your needs.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to Estimated shipping time! Some wigs, especially from Amazon and eBay can take longer to arrive if they are shipped from companies or sellers in China. ​​

  • Colors can vary! Colors for wigs can vary based on screen resolution so just be careful when choosing your color.

  • Pay attention to heat resistance! If you are planning on styling your wig with heat, make sure the wig you buy is heat resistant. 

  • Check the length! Make sure you understand the length of the wig you are ordering and how it compares to what you need for your character.

Pre-Made Popular Character Costumes

If the character you want to cosplay is a popular one, you may be able to find the complete cosplay premade online. Websites like Cosplayfu and EZCosplay have premade character costumes of a huge selection of popular characters for you to chose from.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Check seller reviews! This can tell you about the websites reputation with their customers.

  • Check the sizing charts! Sizing can vary greatly between websites! 

  • ​Check what is included! Make sure you understand what parts of the cosplay are included in the pricing. Some sites will show a base cosplay with accessories that are only included for an additional fee.

Commissioning a Cosplay

Commissioning a cosplay is a wonderful option! Maybe you aren't able to handmade a cosplay or just don't want too. What if you can't find your a character on a pre-made site? Or maybe you just want to completely customize the look and fabric choices for your character. Whatever the reason commissioning a cosplay is a great option available to you!

Buying Cosplay

There are a lot of resources for finding cosplay commissioners. Some websites that offer pre-made cosplays also offer a custom sizing option or offer to create a cosplay for the first time for your character. Some websites like Etsy and facebook can also be a good place to find cosplay commissioners.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Check seller reviews! We literally CAN NOT stress this enough!

  • Use a secure method of payment! When commissioning someone not affiliated with a well known site e sure to use Pay-Pal or another secure payment method to make sure your transaction is protected.

  • Take and re-take your measurements! Make sure you give your commissioner measurements that are accurate for them to work with.

  • Understand what you pay for! You are not just paying for materials, but also the time and labor of your commissioner. 

  • Ask about payment plans! Some commissioners will allow you to span out payments for your cosplay. This can be a great help to your budget. Just be sure to mention this in advance if needed. 

  • Have good communication! Make sure you and the person/company you have commissioned are on the same page about expectations and what can be accomplished.

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