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King Moogle and Queen Chocobo

Photography by
Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer

Final Fantasy is arguably the most influential and well known fantasy sci fi role playing series with so many storylines, vast worlds to explore, and incredible game play. The Chocobo is a well know creature in the FF series who appears as a large bird like creature which has been domesticated for use as mounts, for pulling carts/carriages, etc and essentially is a horse-equivalent in the FF world.  The Moogle is one of the most well phone FF mascots who appear like small usually white creatures with wings and pom pom antennae. These designs for the King Moogle and Queen Chocobo were inspired by 17th century design and made by KeiKun Cosplay based on designs by O.E. Knight. These beautfiul photos were taken during Katsucon 2019. Cosplayers: King Moogle (Kei-Kun Cosplay) and Queen Chocobo.


Princess Daisy

Photography by
Crossroad Images

In the fantasy realm of the Mushroom Kingdom, the Koopa Troopas invade under command of King Bowser to capture Princess Peach! Mario and his brother Luigi are quested to rescue Peach and defeat Bowser. Princess Daisy is the ruler of the Kingdom of Sarasaland and was orginigally introduced in Super Marioland in 1989. Daisy is RenChan's favorite Super Mario character and Yoshi is the perfect companion. These adorable photos were taken at KawaKon 2016.Amazing Mario edit by Acdramon's Artist Cove. Cosplayer: Princess Daisy (RenChan).  

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