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Original Character PHOTOSHOOTS

The Turning of the Leaves

Fae logo.png
Photography by
Melancholy Maiden Cosplay Photography

This shoot developed from a concept within YomuChan's mind to showcase a Fairy responsible for the Fall season. It originally spawned from a makeup challenge with our good friends the Mystic Guardians and became something so beautiful. These photos were actualyl taken in RenChan's backyard during the Summer of 2021! Cosplayer: Autumn Fae (YomuChan).

Maternity Shoot

Photography by
Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer

The Divination witch sees all the potential in life and a happy future. This Halloween inspired witchy maternity shoot was a dream of RenChan's for a long time, even before she was pregnant. Halloween and all thinks spooky are her forte. This shoot took place at a wonderful local pumpkin patch at Thies Farm and Greenhouse. It was such a spooky, magical, and very RenChan way of celebrating the new baby. These hauntingly beautiful photos were taken in Fall 2019 .  Cosplayer: Coraline Jones (RenChan).

final girl.png

Horror Troupes Abound

Photography by
Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer and Melancholy Maiden Photography

The "FINAL GIRL" is an essential part of any good horror movie and for RenChan's birthday weekend in the summer of 2020 it was a perfect excuse to bring these horror staples to life since horror films are one of RenChan's most favorite pastimes. These photos were actually taken on Luna's mom's property during the night time hours where we all just sufficiently spooked out enough to really get into the spirit. We definitely want to do something like this again in the future. Cosplayers: The Virgin (YomuChan), Rich Girl  (Mari.aftermidnight), Best Friend (Luna), and Goth Chick (RenChan).

Ethereal Spirits

Photography by
Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer and Melancholy Maiden

This incredible idea was sparked by Mouzycat over the summer. We all gathered together and made ourselves into something both earthy yet otherworldly at the same time. This was the first official Curvy Kitty shoot with our new members and we are so excited that we go to do this together. Last 3 photos were done previously of Mari.aftermidnight's Blue Pit Viper spirit. Photos were taken in combination by mostly Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer and Melancholy Maiden (RenChan). Cosplayers: Owl Goddess (YomuChan Cosplay), Rabbit Goddess/Blue Pit Viper Spirit (Mari.aftermidnight), Flower Goddess (Luna/Moonlit Melody Cosplay), and Fox Goddess (RenChan/Melancholy Maiden).


True Power Lies Within

Photography by
Melancholy Maiden Cosplay Photography

This powerful Sorceress known as Sidhlairiel is from the mind of our very own YomuChan. Her story and origins are shrouded in mystery but if there is one thing we know for sure, it's that we should not meddle in the affairs of wizards. These photos were taken in the Spring of 2021. Cosplayer: Dark Sorceress Sidhlairiel (YomuChan). 

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