Lover of Books and All Things Nerdy

I’ve been a geek all my life but never had the courage to cosplay until I met the CKC girls, who dragged me into my first Inuyasha shoot. A mutual friend introduced us and I’ve been hooked on cosplay ever since! From Inuyasha all the way up to my most recent cosplay, Chihiro from Spirited Away, I have had an amazing time hanging out, learning new things about costumes and makeup, and really just becoming a bigger geek.


I met the girls at ASTL, with Lauren as our Naraku, Mandy as an amazing Guest Director at the con, and Mary as a fantastic photographer. We’ve gotten a lot closer since those days in 2018, and I’m excited to be a new member of the group and see how I can help us get even better! I was Con Staff at STOCC 2020 (St. Louis Online Cosplay Convention) and co-run the panel there, as well as assisted in judging the masquerade. I hope to co-run as well as run my own panels in the future! I’ve dipped my toe into the waters of cosplay and prop creation, more skills that I hope to improve.


In my personal life, I am a voracious reader, occasional writer, and prolific baker. My dog and I enjoy long walks as well as long TV marathons, especially if snacks are involved. Glad to meet you!




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