Tenchi Universe

Tenchi Universe is the second anime series following Tenchi Masaki, a hapless school boy who suddenly finds himself in surrounded by a group of women from outer space. The anime follows Tenchi's adventures with space pirate Ryoko, Princess Ayeka and her little sister Sasami, scientific genius of the world Washu, the ditsy space police officer Mihoshi, and in Universe only the serious Galaxy Police officer Kiyone, as all the girls fight over Tenchi's affection, while encountering galactic threats and having zany adventures. This was another special shoot for us as the CKC girls are huge fans of Tenchi Universe. These awesome photos were taken during Anime St. Louis 2017 by our wonderful friend Thomas Ricks. Cosplayers: Tenchi Misaki (RN NINJA), Ryoko Hakubi (RenChan), Princess Ayeka (Luna), Mihoshi (LaKinta), Sasami (Pretty Sammy), and Kiyone (Luna).

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Mouzycat Cosplay Photography




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