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With the Wind in My Hair

Tangled is the story of a girl named Rapunzel. She is beautiful, talented, and most of all lonely having only known the tower in which she lives  her whole life.. that is until she meets a scruffy outlaw named Flynn Rider, who frees her from the tower to see what is there in the world beyond it. During there adventures it is discovered that Rapunzel is actually a princess and was capture for her powers by the the Evil Mother Gothel. After finishing the evil Gothel for good, Rapunzel returns home as the princess of Corona! Once there she discovers that there is still so much to learn about herself and and the world. So Rapunzel sets off for adventure with Flynn and her best friend Cassandra in hopes to find herself and prepare herself to be the best princess. Luna is an absolutely huge fan of Tangled and the follow up series and is honestly our very best Rapunzel we could have ever asked for. These incredible shots were taken by our best friend Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer during the pandemic in 2020 with social distancing in mind and brought some of the famous glow from Rapunzel into some dark times. Cosplayer: Rapunzel (Luna).

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Photo Credits:
Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer




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