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WELCOME TO THE STOCC 2020 Convention HOME page


Experience our convention, run by and for fans! 


this homepage hosts the links to everything you need to attend. please check out the individual pages for STOCC for additional information as well.


Want information about what made us want to do this? Do you want to check out more about Curvy Kitty Cosplay, Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer, and YomuChan Cosplay? Click the CON STAFF INFO AND MISSION button or go to WHY AN ONLINE CON? page in the main STOCC 2020 drop down menu!

What is allowed? What can you hope to expect from STOCC 2020? Click the RULES AND INFORMATION button or go to the RULES AND INFORMATION page in the main STOCC 2020 drop down menu!

St.Louis Cosplay Convention 2020 (STOCC 2020)

SAturday May 16, 2020


Want to know more information about our Emcees and what they are about? Click the MEET OUR EMCEES button or go to the MEET OUR EMCEES! page in the main STOCC 2020 drop down menu!

Want to attend some LIVE and pre-recorded panels with LIVE chats, a variety of subjects, and have a fun time? Click the PANELS button or go to the PANELS page in the main STOCC 2020 drop down menu to be directed to get more information about panels, schedule, and more!

Want to shop for some con goodies and support some artists? Click the VENDOR/ARTIST ALLEY button or go to the VENDOR ROOM/ARTIST ALLEY page in the main STOCC 2020 drop down menu!

Want to enter the STOCC 2020 Cosplay Masquerade? Want to see the rules, the categories, and find out more information? Click the STOCC MASQUERADE button or go to the COSPLAY MASQUERADE page in the main STOCC drop down menu!

STOCC is giving back! While our con is 100% free we would like to ask you to all to consider giving back as well. In addition to our own donations, please check out our STOCC CHARITY PAGE by clicking the button or going to the main STOCC drop down menu to chose from some charities to donate! You can also find STOCC branded merch from which our profits will also be donated to charity!

(Donations are not required but very much appreciated)

STOCC has PRIZES! In addition to the prizes awarded to the winners of the Cosplay Masquerade, STOCC will also giving away some door prizes to some of our participants! Check out our PRIZE INFORMATION by clicking the button or go to the PRIZES page in the main STOCC drop down menu!



CKC hosts St. Louis Online Cosplay Convention 2020 in Collaboration with

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For more information on our partners check out the WHY AN ONLINE CON? in the STOCC drop down menu!

For any questions or other inquiries please email us at

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