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Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Disney's Wreck It Ralph, follows the continuing the story of Ralph and Vanellope's friendship. With this new addition to the story, the duo goes on an adventure to find a replacement steering wheel for Sugar Rush which introduces the beloved characters to the world of the internet. One of the most talked about features of this film was the inclusion of the Disney Princesses and their casual attire. The CKC girls were inspired by all the fun to run our own complete Disney Princess Casual shoot including our very own little Vanellope. These adorable photos where taken by our fantastic photographer friend Thomas Ricks and also features some precious Kigus based on our princesses made by the talented Seifer's Stitches. Cosplayers: Elsa (RenChan), Anna (Luna), Merida (LaKinta), Belle (YomuChan), Aurora (Digital Creme Cosplay), Ariel (Steampunk Agent Owl), Jasmine (Silwen Cosplay), Tiana (Seifer Noir), Cinderella (Peachi Possum Cosplay), Snow White (Shannon Warden), Moana (Heather Trinh), Pocahontas (Paris Nicholle), Mulan (JVern Cosplay), Rapunzel (IcEnterainer), and Vanellope (Pretty Sammy).

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Photo Credits:
Thomas Ricks




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