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wip wednesday - featuring aurora accessories by digitalcreme.cosplay!

Good morning, Kitties, and happy Wednesday!

Here is the tutorial from our super crafty DigitalCreme, we hope you enjoy.

If you are needing a quick fix and don't have time to order a real crown and necklace, this simple pattern and tutorial can help in a jiffy! Total paint and setting time was two days (could be less honestly if you don't have other things to do).


Heat gun

Mixing bowl

x-acto/hobby knife or scissors

2 9x12 craft foam sheets

Acrylic paint - white & gold

Mod podge (optional) First you will need the shape and design of your necklace and crown. Sometimes you can find these online already, or if you have a super talented husband, he makes them for you.

Next, draw the outline shape on your foam. I usually go a couple times around it to make sure I see it clearly on the black foam. Cut out this shape with your x-acto knife/scissors.

Next is crown shaping! This is what the mixing bowl is for. Take your heat gun and point towards your crown just enough to heat and bend the crown. I press down in the corners of the bowl to help get that nice round crown shape!

You can set these with mod podge, but my accessories weren't actually set with anything so it just depends on how well your foam keeps shape and how often you plan to use them. Paint a white layer, and top with gold! And there is your set!

I hope you have fun making your own accessories, and please feel free to comment below with any questions!

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Lauren Fennewald
Lauren Fennewald
16 sep. 2020

I am just amazed at how awesome she is at crafting with foam. I wish that I was this talented.

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