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We are back and shaking things up!

Hi there Kitties! Long time no talk. It's been rough for the past few years for us at CKC. Between dealing with the pandemic, health problems, personal issues, and other life changes--struggling to keep things updated has been REAL. Putting aside cosplay to make sure we are all taken care of was a necessity, but although we have lost some things along the way, we are back and doing better.

You might notice we are back to a trio, we have lost one of our members who will be moving forwards towards hopefully some wonderful things. We wish her well in her endeavors and we know you all would too.

We have a new logo right now, courtesy of Pretty Sammi, and have been hard at work to update our website to include the latest photoshoots for you all to enjoy. We have been having a good time working with new and old friends to help bring the magic of cosplay back into our lives and we are so excited for you all to see!

We look forward to spending the rest of 2023 healing and enjoying our time doing what we love--Cosplay!

Thank you all for sticking with us and we wish you all a happy PRIDE and a wonderful rest of your 2023!

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