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Hello from 2020!

Hello, Kitties!

It's been an eventful year for us here at CKC. We were sad to say goodbye to one of our members, LaKinta, as she concentrates on her life and her own creative pursuits. But we also are so happy to welcome Mouzycat and Yomuchan to our ranks, and excited to see how their strengths will take us in exciting new directions.

Speaking of new directions, we have a lot of things planned! Some for this year, some for next year, and definitely things you haven't seen from us before. You may have seen our new logo already (as above, created by our own Mouzy), and we have a lot more to come! We hope you stick along for the ride, and we will be announcing some exciting news soon! If you're ever curious on what cosplays you will be seeing from us, check our "Planned" page, we have a lot in store for you all.

We hope you are all staying safe and well in this difficult year, and know that our mission of body positivity, cosplay positivity, and friendship stays as strong as ever.

Love from all of us at CKC!

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Aug 26, 2020

So excited!!!!

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