Trainer Serena & Trainer Iris

Pokémon is anime about a boy name Ash Ketchum and his journey to become the best Pokémon trainer. His first pokémon and best friend is Pikachu who accompanies Ash on his journeys to become a Pokémon Master. Other friends who join in his journey are Brock, Misty, and many more. Later on we are introduced to Trainer Iris whose dream it is to become a dragon master and Trainer Serena who  becomes one of Ash's traveling companions during his journey in the Kalos Region. These awesome photos were taken during Anime St. Louis 2016 by the amazing Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer. Cosplayers: Iris (RenChan) and Serena (Luna).

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Photo Credits:
Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer




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