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Ready to attend a panel!

Want to check out the amazing panel lineup we have for you and where to access content look no further! All information once schedules and descriptions have been finalized will be located here!


*Panelists* Please make sure that you have the internet capability and video quality needed to provide your content! Please use either Facebook LIVE, YouTube, or Twitch streaming for LIVE panels and contact us to provide pre-recorded content!

Pre-recorded panels will be posted in their scheduled time slots on the STOCC YouTube Channel. LIVE videos may have a variety of locations (Facebook LIVE, YouTube, Twitch, etc). Panel descriptions will contain the information on how to get to that particular panel. 


*For pre-recorded panels, be sure to attend during the time frame listed if you would like to participate in the LIVE discussion with the panelist on Discord!! 

Panel Schedule

Panel Descriptions

11:00AM-11:30AM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)


Welcoming of STOCC 2020 to our amazing con goers! We will explain where to find panels, vendors room, and the masquerade! Also learn about us,  why we are doing this, and more.

12:00PM-12:30PM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

Cosplay Photography Essentials with Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer

You have probably seen her breathtakingly gorgeous work on Arda banners, Cosplay Culture Magazine and many other places. She’s been in the cosplay portrait business since 2014 and going strong since!  Now find out some of the magic in this panel with Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer as she walks you through some tips and tricks on how she creates magic

Cosplaying for Mental Health w/ Pickled Pea Cosplay (LIVE)

Centering around mental health, this panel will educate you on the  benefits of cosplay and  things to avoid to keep a healthy mind in the cosplay community. With a focus on minorities and their mental health in the community. (Note: The Panelist is a Psychology student but this panel in no way should be used as a replacement for a doctor's guidance on professional therapy sessions. To find your local Suicide Hotline or Mental Health support please visit

12:00PM-1:00PM CST 

(LIVE Pickled Pea Facebook page)


12:30PM-1:00PM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

1:30PM-2:00PM CST 


1:00PM-2:00PM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

Best of Anime St. Louis- CMV- STL COSPLAYERS UNITE  w/Justin Pineda Media

Watch the world premiere, never before seen Best of ASTL CMV by the incredible Justin Pineda featuring amazing cosplayers that attended Anime St. Louis in recent years!

Ask Me Your Fit Questions! (LIVE) w/Ariana of Cosplay Sewing School


What the Hell is a TokTak?: TikTok 101 w /LaKinta (Curvy Kitty Cosplay)

Have you seen the newest social media craze? Maybe you downloaded the app ironically and now you lose hours watching videos? And you can totally do it! Right? Wait… where’s the record button? How did they get that awesome sound? Walk with LaKinta Grasshopper as she teaches you the basics of TikTok!

1:30PM-2:30PM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

Group Cosplay 101 w /RenChan(Curvy Kitty Cosplay) and YomuChan (LIVE)

A look at the setup and behind the scene work that is required to get an impressive, or even just fun, cosplay group together! Whether its for a photo shoot, convention, or any other experience RenChan and YomuChan got you covered with their experience and know how!


A look at the setup and behind the scene work that is required to get an impressive, or even just fun, cosplay group together! Whether its for a photo shoot, convention, or any other experience RenChan and YomuChan got you covered with their experience and know how!

2:00PM-6:00PM CST

(Curvy Kitty Cosplay Facebook STOCC event page/STOCC YouTube Channel)


Pick your favorite Cosplayer on our Fan Favorite album in the STOCC Event on Curvy Kitty Cosplay’s Facebook page and like or heart them to add to the vote!!!! Voting ends at 5PM CST.

Creating a Business w/ Seifer Stitches

Have a side hustle you might wanna make your full hustle? Don't know where to begin? Spend some time with Seifer's Stitches figuring out what you'd like to create, and the best ways to make that scratch!

4:00PM-5:00PM CST

(Curvy Kitty Cosplay Facebook STOCC event page/STOCC YouTube Channel)

4:00PM-4:30PM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

4:00PM-4:30PM CST  (STOCC Discord Server/Panel Room Lotus)


Closet Cosplay is so much fun! Join us for the challenge and get your best closet cosplays together matching our themes! There will be a winner and prize announced during the Masquerade! The Closet Cosplay Challenge is judged by Curvy Kitty Cosplay, Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer, and YomuChan Cosplay

5:00PM-6:00PM CST 

(LIVE from Polly Morph Cosplay Facebook page)


5:30PM-6:00PM CST  (STOCC Discord Server/Panel Room Lotus)

7:00PM-8:00PM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

Plus Size Cosplay w/ Polly Morph Cosplay (LIVE)

An In-depth look at what Polly Morph Cosplay has learned after 10+ years of Cosplay and costuming in a plus size body.

STOCC Masquerade and Closet Cosplay Challenge Winners Announcement! (LIVE)

The Winners of STOCC 2020 Masquerade (Skit, Fan Favorite, and Judged) and Closet Cosplay Challenge Announced!

The Posing Panel with RenChan (Curvy Kitty Cosplay)

Excited about your cosplay photo shoot but have no idea where to put what and when? Check out the posing panel a comprehensive yet simple break down of tips and tricks to get beautifully posed cosplay photos!

7:00PM-8:00PM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

7:00PM-8:00PM CST 

(LIVE Musing of a Cosplay Witch Facebook page)


8:30PM-9:00PM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

8:30PM-9:00PM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

LARP 101 w/Sahil and Kaylah

Do you like playing video games, table top games, and/or hanging out with friends? Not sure what LARPing is or if it's the thing for you? Come to this panel and find out!

So You Have an Idea for an Original Character? w/Musing of a Cosplay Witch (LIVE)

Let’s talk about original characters in your favorite fandoms! We’ll share common approaches to creating original characters, common themes, and pitfalls to avoid. Share your favorite OC’s and what drives you to create then!

Sit and Chat w/RenChan (Curvy Kitty Cosplay) (LIVE)

Missing that interaction you get at cons when you find someone who had the same interests as you do? Come hang out with RenChan and talk it up! There will be a bunch of subjects to choose from located in the Discord chat for this event day of STOCC 2020!

Cosplay on Stage Q&A w/Luna Lady of Light Cosplay

Do you enjoy watching cosplay contests? Do you want to join in but you're unsure of where to start? Luna Lady of Light Cosplay, two time international representative in competitive cosplay, and longtime performer and cosplayer will be answering questions submitted to her on Instagram in her panel. She will give tips on writing material, building props and set pieces, and performing for an audience.

8:30PM-9:30PM CST 

(LIVE ThermoCosplay YouTube Channel)


SPX Makeup 101 w/ThermoCosplay (LIVE)

Join ThermoCosplay as she covers the basics of SFX Makeup for cosplay! She will talk about the pros and cons of: grease/cream paint, water based paint, alcohol paint, hybrid paints, airbrush vs sponge/brush application, adhesives and more!

Let’s Scream! A Look into the History of Japanese Horror w/Mouzycat

While she could have easily made 8 panels worth of content since this subject is quite the rabbit hole to fall into, here is Mouzycat’s introductions into what inspired Japanese horror media and her  great suggestions/recommendations you should look into.

Cosplay Q&A w/ThermoCosplay (LIVE)

Are you itching to start cosplaying but you don't know where to begin? Perhaps you cosplay often but you're struggling to grow your brand? Or maybe you're wondering just WHAT materials work best for your project? Join ThermoCosplay LIVE and ask your burning cosplay questions. With over 6 years of experience, 5+ cosplay awards and an active sponsorship this southwestern cosplayer has a lot of knowledge to share.

9:30PM-10:30PM CST  (18+ PANEL)  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

10:00PM-10:30PM CST 

(LIVE ThermoCosplay YouTube Channel)


Let’s Form a Stand Alone Complex w/Cyber Medic Cosplay

A presentation analyzing the philosophy of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Various scenes from the anime will be analyzed addressing various philosophers and theories such as Hajime Nakamura, The Gaia Hypothesis, and Jean Baudrillard.

10:00PM-11:00PM CST  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

What Girls Do After Dark w/CKC, Mouzycat, and YomuChan Cosplay (LIVE)

 What if we.... did our eye makeup while  drunk and talked about anime tiddys with you? Aha ha. Just kidding. Unless? Join the wild girls of STOCC 2020  for some end of the night shenanigans as we drink, do some makeup, and talk anime.

Guyside: Convention Nostalgia w/Emcee DUDEleVel92 (LIVE)

Reminisce with STOCC Emcee, Keenan as he talks about previous fun and crazy times at conventions as well as some of his favorite subjects for some end of the night fun!

Want to see some more videos check out our regular YouTube channel!

For any questions or other inquiries please email us at

11:00PM-12:00AM CST  (18+ PANEL)  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

11:00PM-12:00AM CST  (18+ PANEL)  (STOCC Youtube Channel)

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