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Our First Cosplay Together

The Beginning of a Lifetime Cosplay Adventure
You Live and You Learn

RenChan and our former member LaKinta attended Kunicon St. Louis back in 2004. The two of them were super excited to go and at the time RenChan had only vaguely heard of this thing called cosplay.
Well as you may have noticed, Kunicon is the first place RenChan officially cosplayed together. Kunicon was our first convention and with us being new to the convention scene, we were suckered into working at a vendors booth in hopes of coming home with some cool souvenirs and new anime to devour. LaKinta went to the rest of the con with our friend Jessie and RenChan stayed in the vendor room working the ENTIRE TIME with another friend of her's, Katie. Needless to say it was a huge mistake! RenChan ended up missing out on all the fun and it would be years until I was able to attend another convention. And that is where CKC's first Cosplay experience together begins...

RenChan and LaKinta cosplaying together for the first time as the Huntress and Lydia Deetz at Kawa Kon 2013.

Our Story Begins...

Fast forward and in late January of 2013, LaKinta told RenChan about an anime convention that was coming up in the midwest area. Actually it was only days away.

RenChan had not been to a convention for almost 10 years at that point and wasn't even sure if she even would want to go. RenChan didn't begin consider that she might actually have a good time. Despite this, I reluctantly agreed for my best friends sake and said I would go... It was then she dropped the bomb on me. LaKinta said she would like us to cosplay at the convention! I was in a bit of a panic! I didn't want to be looked at weird dressing up!What if no one else dressed up? What if I looked stupid? I was terrified but, I wanted to go and if my bestie wanted me to dress up with her, well then I would give it a try. 

​LaKinta already knew she wanted to cosplay as Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. I had no idea who I would cosplay, I was feeling self conscious and scared. Finally I decided I would go as the Huntress from Batman. The two of us figured we could put our cosplay together pretty fast.... boy were we wrong. The two of us seriously misjudged the amount of time it would take to sew a cape and hand paint all of the spider web designs.... It was torture! The morning of the convention came and of course we were not finished with either cosplay but somehow managed to finish enough of it to head to the convention a few hours behind schedule. I was so excited! When we got there sure enough a ton of people were in cosplay! 

​I started to relax and get excited. I began to enjoy being dressed up and running around the convention floor. It was a feeling I can't find the words to describe! The overall con was awesome. We saw the Three Rivers Okiya perform traditional Japanese dance and I even got to meet a hero of mine, Ms. Grey DeLisle. She is one of my most beloved voice actresses and meeting her in person was a dream come true. LaKinta and I had a blast enjoying all the Pocky, seeing the amazing cosplay, and listening to all the panels. It felt magical. I was HOOKED! She of course pointed out that she was right all along and that I would love it and....I have to admit, I did.... and still do. From that point on the two of us attended conventions locally together, the majority of the time, and we formed Curvy Kitty Cosplay out of the love we both have for Cosplaying and for us wanting to share that experience and happiness with others. Kawa Kon will always hold a special place in my heart, not because it was my first con, but because it was where I fell in love with cosplay <3

Three Rivers Okiya performing at Kawa Kon in 2013.

RenChan's first ever Cosplay as The Huntress from Batman along with another con goer cosplaying as Daphne from Scooby Doo.

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