Hey ya’ll! I’m Maris, one of the newest CKC members! I love all sorts of anime, video games and pop culture! I hit the cosplay scene in 2015 not as a cosplayer, but a photographer! Some may know me from Mouzycat Cosplay Photography, where I have lead a successful career for the last 5 years! I tried my hand a couple of times at cosplay, but I never really enjoyed it until RenChan invited me to be a part of their Escaflowne group as Princess Millerna!


It was then that I found a great joy in being in groups with my friends bringing my favorite classic anime favorites to life. I first got into anime when I was probably in first grade when I discovered every girl’s favorite magical series, Sailor Moon! As I grew older and resourced my ex boyfriend’s stash of anime in high school, I grew to love classics like Ranma 1/2, Lupin the Third, Bubblegum Crisis and much more. I also have a soft spot for horror/sci-fi anime especially 80’s movies style!


I have a little history in graphic design, photoshop and helped organize and design stuff for STOCC 2020, the online convention that CKC put together! FUTURE COSPLAYS: Sailor Neptune-Sailor Moon (OUTERS GROUP CKC) Carmilla -Castlevania (CKC CASTLEVANIA GROUP) Jess-Until Dawn (UNTIL DAWN CKC GROUP) Princess Aurora-Sleeping Beauty (CKC DISNEY PRINCESS GROUP) Princess Dress Neptune-Sailor Moon FAVORITE ANIME: Lupin The Third, Ranma 1/2, Claymore, Junji Ito Collection, Perfect Blue

Femme Fatale and Bokeh   Connoisseur


(314) 496-5837



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