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Meet our EMCEES


Keenan "Dude Lvl-92" Sargent

He's the dude, the rebel, and the guy that steps to the next level. Gaming has always been his thing--Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega, all of it. Since then, he slowed down for a minute, and once he grew up he managed to get it all back, thankfully by the sources of Goodwill and other thrift stores. Now he posts content on YouTube and on social media. He has been doing conventions for at least 5 years running.

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Jake "Fandom Father" Bushey

Jake Bushey is the current Admin of STL Cosplayers Unite and the face behind "Internet's Favorite Dad" The Fandom Father. When not at a convention taking photos for people or orchestrating a charity raffle, he's busy planning ahead for the next adventure ahead of him.

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