The Last Unicorn

...Now That I'm a Woman

The Last Unicorn is a novel by Peter S. Beagle as well as a animated film from 1982 about the journey of a Unicorn who is thought to be the last of her kind until she stumbles upon a quirky magician named Schmendrick and a peasant woman called Molly Grue. With her new companions in tow, the Unicorn is confronted by the Red Bull, an entity which is taking the unicorns and hiding them for King Haggard. The Unicorn by accident is turned into a human woman to prevent her being taken by the bull. As the Lady Amalthea, a name which becomes her alias in human form, the Unicorn's internal struggles grow for she is not really human and no longer a unicorn. The story is not only about her journey to save her kind from the grasp of the Red Bull and King Haggard but, also about her experiencing what it means to be human, having relationships with them, and falling in love with Prince Lir, King Haggard's son. These incredible photos were taken during Daisho Con 2018 by our incredibly talented photographer friend Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer. Becoming Amalthea has always been a dream of RenChan's since she was a small child and it was finally fully realized and captured with this shoot. Cosplayer: Lady Amalthea (RenChan).

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Photo Credits:
Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer


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