Our Fast Food Shoot was inspired by Fast Food Gijinkas such as Smug Wendy and the Starbucks Siren. We wanted to do a large group of some of our favorite fast food brands and from this came our amazing photo shoot. These yummy photos were taken during Anime Senpai 2018 by the awesome photographer Mckeltie Photography. Cosplayers: Smug Wendy (Fuji Cakes Cosplay), Ronald McDonald (Wicked Warlock Cosplay), Starbucks Siren (RenChan), Sonic (LaKinta), Cinnabon (Yomuchan Cosplay), Jack in the Box (Seifer's Stiches), Panda Express (RN Ninja), and Red Lobster (Heather Trinh).

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Photo Credits:
McKeltie Photography


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