The Other Side

Coraline Jones if the main character in the credible story by Neil Gaiman. Coraline moves to a new shared home with her parents who seem preoccupied with their jobs, neighbors that are awfully weird, and feeling a lack of magic in her life. Coraline discovers a small door with a button key in the parlor which leads to nowhere...or does it. Coraline discovered that at night this door opens to the Other World and she meets her Other Mother along with Other doppelgangers of those in her world. At first this world is magical and the perfect escape from her mundane world but things soon change. Coraline is one of RenChan's all time favorite books from one of her all time favorite writers and so cosplaying her was an absolute dream! These amazing photos were taken our hang out in June 2020 during the craziness of the world were we all found a bit of magic among the crazy.  Cosplayer: Coraline Jones (RenChan).

Photo Credits:
Mouzycat Cosplay Photography and Luna


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