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Featured Fan Cosplayer: Mouzycat 

Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer

CKC Interview with our September 2017 Featured Cosplayer, Mouzycat!
Curvy Kitty Cosplay (CKC)
Mouzycat (MC)

CKC: What was the thing that first inspired you to cosplay? 
MC: My husband and I didn’t plan a traditional honeymoon, I asked him if we could go to Anime Midwest, and that was that. Fujiko is dead on my favorite character ever, and I knew I had to cosplay her when I knew Sonny Strait was going to be there (Lupin III’s voice actor from the series I cosplayed from).

CKC: What is your favorite Anime/Manga and why? (If not Anime, favorite film)
MC: My favorite series is a toss up between Lupin III and Sailor Moon. My favorite anime film is Perfect Blue! 

CKC: What is your favorite Cosplay you have done so far? Why?
MC: This is really hard, but I would probably say Queen Beryl because I put so much work into her, and even though there were some malfunctions I still love the cosplay to death. ​

CKC: What Cosplay do you plan on doing in the future?

MC: My friend and I are working on a Stranger Things Barb and Demigorgon (still a trial and error, not 100% on this one.) Sorceress Edea from Final Fantasy VIII is a bigger project that I’m going to be working on. I also plan on doing Millerna from Escaflowne for ASTL 2018! 

CKC: Do you make or buy your Cosplay? Both?
MC: I’ve bought my Fujiko coat, but modified it as it didn’t have the cross hair black dot details. Every other cosplay has been built up from scratch! My husband makes most of my props and my cosplay buddy Justin sews!


CKC: Where was the first place you cosplayed? What did you cosplay as?
MC: Anime Midwest, as Fujiko Mine her red coat design from “The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.” 2014.

CKC: Do you have another favorite cosplayer? If so who? Why?
MC: I would have to say Kiss Kiss Cosplay, she was my first cosplay shoot ever, and we both have grown so much since then (her more so than I hahaha!) But my photography has grown as well being able to work with her!

CKC: What do you like about Curvy Kitty Cosplay?
MC: First off, they are the best gals to ever hang out with! I also really like that being a + size myself, there are other girls out there promoting body positivity! ​

CKC: What is your favorite thing about conventions? Is there anything you’d like to see at one that isn’t being done or isn’t done enough?
MC: I mainly work as a photographer at conventions, so meeting clients and creating beautiful images and portraits of their cosplay is the best feeling. It’s therapeutic to be able to create art with others.   

​CKC: Where do you like to shop online for cosplay/ accessories?
MC: Probably Amazon, I live in a pretty rural area, so anything Anime is hard to get!

​CKC: Finally last question lol, what is your favorite memory of cosplaying?

​MC: Probably cosplaying Smug Wendy with Justin as Ronald McDonald. A lot of people stopped us and it was really flattering!

Planned cosplay for Mouzycat includes Princess Millerna from the Vision of Escaflowne.

Visit Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer page on Facebook by clicking or typing in the link:

Thank you so much to Mouzycat for sharing your photos and story! - RenChan, Luna, & LaKinta from CKC

Mouzycat as Fujiko from Lupin III. Photo credit: elleontheradio.

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