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Digital Creme Cosplay

Digital Creme Cosplay or as you may know her , Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer is an amazing Midwest cosplayer and cosplay photographer with over 10 years in the business and is only getting more amazing with time. She has been featured in many cosplay magazines such as Cosplay Culture and her images are used often by Arda Wigs in their advertisements!




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Yomuchan is new in cosplay and old in geek. In college, she tried the SCA, and while that didn’t last long she is still a regular attendee at Renaissance Faires, the cheesier the better. She was more officially drawn into cosplay and convention culture in 2018 when a friend of hers mentioned that a group of their friends were a few characters short of a complete Inuyasha group, which happens to be the first anime that she ever watched and one she still enjoys. Her first convention was an amazing experience for her and she looks forward to future group cosplays with her new friends, as well as branching out to do her own thing every so once in a while.

Facebook: (TBA)

Instagram @yomuchancosplay

Website: (TBA)


Steampunk agent owl

Steampunk Agent Owl is living proof that 40 something is a great time to indulge your creative side and spend well-earned coin on costumes. It is also safer than motorcycle riding or ninja training, and as much fun socially as karaoke (All of which I have done in my lifetime). A Registered Nurse by trade, she missed the creative thespian types she grew up with and started the cosplay hobby in 2013. She also grew up with a twin sister.

Facebook: Steampunk Agent Owl

Instagram @teddizilla

Website: (TBA)


SEIFERs Stitches

Started sewing at the age of six, and cosplaying since 14, Ash has created quite a few costumes for personal use as well as sold them all over the world. Their main goal is to create one of every Pokemon into a kigurumi (onesie), and to be a guest at a big con

Facebook: Seifers Stitches

Instagram @seifernoir

Website: (TBA)

Ko-fi: @Seifernoir

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