Smile! Sweet! Sister! Sadistic! Surprise! Service!

Blend-S is the story of Maika Sakuranomiya, high school student and unfortunate bearing of one sadistic looking smile. Maika is discovered one day by a man named Dino who runs a cafe called Stile and could use a unique smile like Maika's for one of his maid roles.... Sadistic! Maika accepts the job and is joined by other girls who fill the other personality types for the maids and they all become great friends while getting into Shenanigans. All this while her new boss Dino pines over her. These sweet photos were taken during Anime Senpai 2018 by the our friend photographer McKeltie Photography at the LaQunita hotel. Cosplayers: Maika  Sakuranomyia (YomuChan), Kaho Hinata (Fuji Cakes Cosplay), Mafuyu Hoshikawa (LaKinta), Dino (Wicked Warlock Cosplay), Koyo Akizuki (RN Ninja), Miu Amano (RenChan), and Hideri Kanzaki (Steampunk Agent Owl).

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Photo Credits:
McKeltie Photography


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