Ayashi no ceres

Ceres Celestial Legend

Ayashi no Ceres, also known as Ceres Celestial legend is a story of 16 year old Aya Mikage who discovers on her birthday that she and her twin brother Aki are the reincarnation of a Celestial Maiden named Ceres and the progenitor of the family known as Mikage.A long time ago Mikage stole the celestial robe or Hagoromo from Ceres therefore keeping her bound to the earth. Because of this Ceres cursed the Mikage family. Aya is now hunted by her own family who seek to destroy Ceres, whom is not awaken within her. Aya teams up with and Yuhi to combat her family and save herself, all the while falling in love with her once hired assassin Toya. Aya must fight along side her friends and other Celestial Maidens to right the wrongs that her family is doing to Celestial maidens and stop her cousin Kagami from his wicked plans. These sets of amazing photos were taken during Anime St. Louis 2016.  Cosplayers: Aya Mikage (LaKinta) and Ceres (RenChan).

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