Disney Meets the Walking Dead

Merida is a well known Disney princess from the movie Brave, about a girl who overcomes her fate while helping her mother after accidentally turning her into a bear. Elsa is a Queen in Disney's Frozen, who accepts her once hidden ice powers to help her sister and her kingdom. Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, journeys to find her father whom was held captive by a powerful beast and ends up living the fairy tales she has dreamed of while reading her books. Ariel, Disney's Little Mermaid, risks everything including her beautiful voice for the love of her life, a human prince named Eric. Alice, a curious girl in Wonderland, travels in the mysterious world encountering all manner of mad things. Peter Pan, Disney's magical original lost boy, entertains the love of childhood with fellow lost boys and Wendy Darling, while battling the evil Captain Hook. The Apocalypse Disney cosplays are inspired by French artist Kasami Sensei's designs. These awesome photos were taken during a hang out with us and friends... Photos by the amazing Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer, RenChan, Steampunk Agent Owl, and Luna.  Cosplayers: Apocalypse Merida (LaKinta), Apocalypse Elsa (RenChan), Apocalypse Belle (YomuChan), Apocalypse Ariel (Steampunk Agent Owl), Apocalypse Alice (Fuji Cakes Cosplay) and Apocalypse Peter Pan (Heather Trinh).

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Photo Credits:
Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer, RenChan, Steampunk Agent Owl, and Luna




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