A Boy, His Best Friend, and Some Government Experiments

AKIRA is a 1988 animated film that is perceived by many as the one that started the Japanese animation invasion in America and is essentially attributed to the surge of anime’s popularity in American culture. AKIRA is considered to be a cult classic, inspiring many sci-fi films that were made in America. We follow our hero Shotaro Kaneda, a wisecracking head of a motorcycle gang, as he teams up with Kei, an agent of a rebellion group to save his friend Tetsuo in a dystopian future Japan whose government is hiding a secret program that could not only destroy Tetsuo but everything else. This was a dream shoot of RenChan's as AKIRA is one of her first beloved anime. These haunting photos were taken during Anime St. Louis 2019 by the ever incredible Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer. Cosplayers: Shotaro Kaneda (RenChan), Tetsuo (RN Ninja), and Kei (YomuChan).

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Photo Credits:
Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer




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